The Great Controversy Movie Chapter 1

The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels - (original 1858 version)


On a data plan? Look at this small version (2mb) 1858 Great Controversy movie (160 * 120)
Large version (24mb) of the movie to get the full experience
All movies are in WMV format and should open easily in VLC, WMP, and most other video apps. They are free to save and use as long as no money is charged.
You can also see it here on Youtube


Original 1858 Great Controversy audio in mp3 format available for listening. Select part of book you wish to hear, and listen, save, copy - enjoy (^-^)
Entire book narrated with pics for each chapter: on Youtube


Would you like to read or download the entire book? You can read it or download it for free on the earlysda website.

The movie is based on this book, which is available free to view or download by clicking either of the above links.

Great Controversy Movie blog Comments and feedback on the movie are highly welcome :)

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